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October 30, 2009



Your layouts are beautiful as always Kelley, I got teary at the journalling on your nan's cancer page. We lost 2 of Peter's grandparents last year to bowel cancer and it still shocks me how quickly they went. (Nan lost her battle after 9 months and pop after 5 months.)

I hope your aunty has a speedy recovery, I am thinking of her.


hope your Aunt is all okay and on the mend :) And wow what an emotional LO about your Nan's cancer!!!!! must of been so hard to scrap, but therapeutic at the same time.

and little puppies as well as kittens - gotta love newborn animals - too cute.

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Anyway, how's your aunt by now?
Your layouts are really nice. The layers are perfectly put together.

- Fred Collinsworth

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